About myself

Hello people of this world! I am Bhoomi, a crazy, innovative, honest and optimistic teenager.  So may the glass always be half full! Unfunny much? I have always wanted a blog of my own. The internet is a strong place. And letting out my thoughts and views on this amazing world of internet hoping that it will bring a smile on someone’s frowned face is just incredible! I love making people happy so I hope these blogs of mine bring happiness to your world and the people around you.

I love art. Drawing, painting and sketching are the things I have done since I was six years old. Painting soothes my mind. My paintbrushes are my life. I take care of them as if they are my own kids. I like to sing as well (completely ignoring the fact that my voice is not that good). I love baking. Like if I don’t have a career option in the future I am surely to open my own bakery. Whenever I’m angry I bake or paint cause it just puts my mind at rest. Lying is not my virtue. I love honest people and try my best to stay honest.

So here on this hopefully entertaining blog, I will talk about the beautiful phenomenon called life. I will talk about my life and about everyday problems with a pinch of humour. I will also be posting my paintings on occasion. So I hope you enjoy my blogs and they bring happiness to your life.



A box full of memories

Years have passed, friends have come and gone,
But that box full of memories always brings them back.
With those polaroids, diaries and journals,
Little bits and pieces rushing back to my mind hitting me like a roller coaster.
There are always memories of good times stuck at the back of my head, rejuvenating itself randomly, leaving me in awe.
Every bit accompanied by its lesson,
Making me realize how full of spice and surprises this life is.
Flashbacks, in my brain,
Making me recollect every other detail.
Bits of laughter, specks of tears,
All have collectively made these memories worth its remembrance.
Makes me nostalgic,
The reservoir of reminiscences.

A great passing teacher

Went like the wind.
For some people it might have been a blow of success or a gust of failure. Might have been a squall of anxiety or a flutter of joy.
For me, it was more like a range of emotions and a roller coaster of sensations and feelings.
I grew up every single minute of this year but Peter pan-ned myself every second. But we can’t help this can we? We have to accept the ugly truth and just go with it. This year taught me how to do that. How to handle the fact that nothing will ever be the same.
Lost friends, gained quite a few and grew closer to many. Met a lot of new people, each with their individuality and great personalities making an imprint on me with their great personas.
How much I tried to do the impossible, tried to stop time, tried to stop this amazing year from slipping through my hands. But life and time, goes on. Unstoppable.
It has altered me as a human being. In ways which are countless. In ways in which I can’t even classify as good or bad.
But in the end each day I had a new story to tell, another smile to smile and of course another barrier to cross. Which I hope 2017 will give me the chance to do. Or maybe more.
So thank you to every single person who were with me even in the slightest way possible this year. Thank you to all my readers as well for making me believe that my voice can cross every single barrier and reach to you. I have been blessed to have such people in my life.
And THANK YOU 2016 for giving me such indispensable experiences.


It’s Time

It’s time for me to conquer,

All that which should be mine.

All the respect, fame and love,

And nickel and dime.

It’s time for me to regain,

All that which was lost.

Between the tears and happiness,

And all incidents that I have crossed.

It’s time for me to fight,

Against all paths which lead me astray.

Against all crime and injustice,

Which takes my benevolence away. 

It’s time for me to retrospect,

All my deeds of the present and past.

All my actions which reminiscent,

Me of something which can’t be unsurpassed. 


Being an ambivert

Being an ambivert isn’t easy. You yourself don’t know what you are and your friends definitely have a hard time classifying you as an introvert or an extrovert. I am definitely not a complete extrovert. I am not a complete introvert as well.

“I am the most introverted extrovert you have ever seen.”

I would rather devote my social energy to the group of ‘close friends’ that I have than go to a party filled with complete strangers. But I love making new friends as well and meeting new people. A lot. I enjoy solitude but would love to have my friends with me by my side. I take my time to make decisions and avoid taking risks. But love having fun and socialising. I am not really an introvert when you get to know me. When you get to know me, you would actually consider me weird or a human from another world, or maybe not even human. I do have a lot of friends but a few friends who I would love to talk to everyday. And during conversations I know what to say and when.

So embrace your ambivercy and be proud about it. It is one more thing that makes you special. 🙂



The word expectation is bizarre! It can make anyone nervous, happy, sad or scared. Expectations and the people expecting them are stupid (sorry). Why to hope for something that may or may not happen? Why to get crushed because of your own mind when the things you expect to happen won’t? Why to get disappointed in life? But on the other hand it is understood that a person will be keeping expectations, it just happens.

It is a fact that I would expect my mom to make something special on a Saturday night but get disappointed after seeing the standard “daal chawal” (I am Indian). It is understood that a mother who did everything for her son would expect him to become a doctor or an engineer. But what if the son dreams of being something else? Something the society would deem as less dignified? The mother’s heart will get crushed, right? She’d might even persuade him to stop living his dream and deny him to listen to his heart.
However, in the end she will either regret making that decision after seeing that her son is unhappy and depressed or get crushed by her own expectations.

Okay let’s stop with hypothetical situations and stories. We need to learn how to manage our expectations. I read it somewhere that managing your expectations is the key to happiness. Yeah I know there are many ‘keys’ to happiness but this is one of them. Sometimes your mind just rejects everything and bounces the thought of you being let down. You have to differentiate between the realistic and the unrealistic expectations. Disappointment can lead to many terrible things. Then why not avoid getting disappointed by not keeping expectations in the first place?


No Regrets

Regrets. Regrets are the things which you realise randomly in bed while trying to sleep. Well I have been there lot of times and have ruined my whole night’s sleep. That thought just randomly pops into your head and you can’t stop thinking about it. That feeling of regret over the wrong answer I gave in class. That feeling of regret over the mistake I made some years ago by befriending that new girl in my society. That feeling of regret over those stupid nights I spent on the internet while I could’ve studied and scored better. Sometimes it also irritates my mind of how I acted in the second grade!

Then I realised, will there be any use of thinking upon those random things in the middle of the night when all of it is just past? Why to think about something about the past when you could do so much more in the present. And thinking about the bright side of making those mistakes, that wrong answer made me not repeat that mistake in the future, that new girl, she is my best friend now (seriously). Those stupid nights on the internet and scoring less made me score better the next year. And there are so many more! We just need to change our perspective and live without regretting about something we did or couldn’t do. We need to learn how to live the moment.



Discovering The Hero Within Myself

Whenever we meet someone new, we take some time to get to know about them. I guess we can say the same thing about ourselves. Even though we are ‘us’ but some of us don’t know about our inner selves. We should always take out the time to discover the hero within ourselves.

I am just a normal girl. I am kind, helping, passionate about whatever I love and dead about anything I am uninterested in and…..just normal. For me these things are just not enough. I want to be everything. I want to be brave, selfless, honest, intelligent, beautiful, insane and much more. I have always underestimated the ability to be kind, helpful and always saying a simple ‘yes’ to anything anybody asks for. This all lead for me to have low self esteem and low self confidence. I am not saying that I am a self loathing or a depressed human being. I am pretty happy but was just not satisfied with myself.

Then I realised that being ‘me’ is much more important than being everything. Being me brings out my inner hero. A hero is not always supposed to be muscular or strong. A hero is someone who brings happiness to other people and I do. I bring a lot of happiness to my parents, siblings, friends, teachers and maybe strangers by doing something substantial for the society. But talking about bringing happiness to yourself, well the amount of happiness you can bring to yourself is incomparable to anyone. We all have to find out our strengths and weaknesses and bring out our strengths and erase our weaknesses. Being yourself brings out the true hero hiding inside of you. So be you and bring happiness to the world and yourself by being a hero. Everybody is special. All of us have different abilities, passions, interests and talents. And I have mine which makes me a true hero.